The Center:

Aims at becoming the leading academic unit in Israel devoted to in-depth research and understanding of the singular civilizational nature of the Ibero-American world, with a special focus on the life and development of its Jewish communities.

Will contribute to understanding the processes of incorporation of minorities within societies with clearly defined patterns of religious and national identities.

Will develop comparative research with other Jewish experiences in an age of globalization and trans nationalism.

Will promote research involving the changing frontiers of Jewish life following large- scale emigration and the consequent social and cultural relocation and dislocation.

Will advance research involving the place and role of Israel in the Jewish life of the region.

Will endorse the study of the relations between Israel and Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Will develop a coherent trans-disciplinary conceptual framework for the academic activities at the Hebrew University concerning the multifaceted civilization experience formed out by the Iberian and Latin American heritage.

Will help to the production of new knowledge and better understanding of far-reaching demographic, civic, socio-economic and cultural transformations that are shaping the Ibero-American world under the impact of intensive processes of globalization and trans nationalism.

Will encourage practical research to meet the new challenges that leaders and professionals must meet facing the restructuring and relocation of Jewish communities in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.

Will enhance the vanguard intellectual experience of the Hebrew University as the premier academic institution in Israel of historical, socio-political, cultural and literary regional studies related to Ibero-America and to its Jewish communities.