About the Center
האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים

The Liwerant Center for the Study of Latin America, Spain, Portugal and their Jewish Communities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is situated at the intersection between Humanities and Social Sciences, thus promoting disciplinary convergences and theoretical and methodological pluralism.


Main Fields of Research and Activities:

  1. Latin-American and Iberian civilization: new topics, issues and perspectives in history, sociology, politics and international relations. Coping with Multiple Modernities. Globalization processes – national, regional and world dimensions.
  2. Ibero-America, culture and literature: Disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American literature, the intersection and dialogue between Iberoamerican literature and Jewish culture.
  3. Contemporary Jewish life: Collective Jewish identities and processes of individualization. Shifting patterns of Jewish religiosity and ethnicity.
  4. Jewish communities: New institutional perspectives; changing borders and patterns of communal organization; interactions between public sphere and private domains.
  5. Israel-Latin America relations: bilateral and multilateral dynamics. 
  6. Israel-Diaspora interactions in comparative perspective. Convergences and divergences.
  7. Transnationalism today. Redefining and expanding Jewish frontiers: Migration flows and relocation of Jewish life and culture. Jewish Diasporas generated by Ibero-American matrix.